Aintree Tale #2

Two versions of the same song
Tales from Aintree Court, Book 2

Q: What happens when a girl finds herself attracted to a guy who already has a girlfriend, and said guy finds himself distracted from his (almost) perfect relationship and turns his attention to her?

A: The inevitable – they cross the line, right?

Serena and Paul meet through Paul’s cousins, Kai and Kristina Hansen, but barely speak until one night at his New Year’s Eve house party when they run into each other in the corridor. Following the events that occur that night, Serena and Paul find it difficult to ignore the growing attraction they feel for each other. The problem is Paul already has a girlfriend, his first love, Eloise.

Serena and Paul do their best to avoid each other until Kris brings them together to perform a song at her brother Kai’s 18th birthday party.

Serena learns that the course of teenage love doesn’t always run smooth, while Paul discovers that his first love will not necessarily be his last.

Two versions of the same song is a contemporary YA romance about attraction, distraction, temptation and the inevitable.

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"I loved Butterfly Porcupine and i really enjoyed this one just as much. This is written in Past and Present, and also in two POV Paul who is torn between his feelings for his girlfriend and Sarena, and the Pov of Serena. The relationship between Paul and Serena is not easy, sometimes they had like a love hate thing going on. Transition between past and present lets you see how the relationship started and where it is now.  This is a great YA book that flows smothly and you get to experience a male and female think put in this situation. I cant wait to see what Susan writes next." Adriana (4 stars).
"..once I past chapter 3 I was hooked. Without giving anything anyway, the author sucks you in a way that you are left wanting to know more after the end of each chapter. This is the story of how to young people fall in love in the midst of young adult drama. It is filled with friendships, love, hate and family" Leylan (5 stars).

"This novel is a mental workout – you have to rely on your memory and you have to concentrate if you want to keep up. Not everyone likes a book that reads like aerobics for the mind. It is an unconventional story and I commend the author for taking a risk and trying something different." Sheldon (5 stars)

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