About Aintree Tales

Welcome to my world of contemporary young adult fiction


The Aintree Tales series of books is about a group of teenagers living in a fictional gated-community in West London, England. 
Aintree started out as a social experiment developed by the Marshalls, wealthy ‘do-gooders’ with dreams of creating the ideal environment for young people.  In exchange for the benefits of living in 'the nice part of town' and having automatic access to one of the best independent schools in the area, the parents - and by default their offspring - have to sign up to the 'Aintree ethos' of community living.  

The novels
Each novel focuses on two teenage characters associated with the residence and/or the school.

What’s in them?

  • Teenage romance - the central plot
  • There are always two or three sub-plots focusing on the main protagonists as well as the supporting characters and, being contemporary fiction, issues affecting teenagers living in today's society 
  • Flawed characters - because no one is perfect



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