Thursday, 2 October 2014

BBC National Short Story Award 2014

I've been following the BBC National Short Story Award 2014 with keen interest.

I listened to the 5 shortlisted stories on BBC R4

  1. The Amerian Lover by Rose Tremain is about a woman struggling to come to terms with a disasterous love affair with an older man.
  2. The Taxidermist's Daughter by Francesca Rhydderch set just after World War 1 is about a young girl who experiences her first crush and sexual awareness for the first time.
  3. Miss Adele among the Corsets by Zadie Smith set in modern day New York and is about an aging African American drag queen who feels the weight of discrimination while buying a corset and takes her frustration out on the shop owner and his wife.
  4. Kalifi Creek by Lionel Shriver is about a woman who cheated death when she was a young girl on her gap year and how this experience influences her throughout her life.
  5. Bad Dreams by Tessa Hadley is about a young girl who is woken up by a disturbing dream that she finds difficult to shake.  Her actions cause a cascade of events affecting her parents.

They were all amazing but there was one clear winner and 2 (equally as good) runners up for me.

My favourite was Miss Adele among the Corsets.

My runners up were Bad Dreams and The Taxidermist's Daughter.

The actual winner was announced yesterday (1st October).  The runner up was Zadie Smith and the prize went to Lionel Shriver - 3rd time nominee and 1st time winner of the prize. I better listen to Kalifi Creek again....