Monday, 23 December 2013

Writer's insecurity; so it's not just me. (Phew!)

I just finished reading The Plagiarist, the science fiction novella by Hugh Howey and it got me thinking....

If you are a writer (or like me dabble), I strongly recommend you read this book, because what it is really about is writing - or at least it is for me. The protagonist, Adam Griffey, demonstrates all the characteristics of a writer and he talks about the stuff writers sometimes experience and feel.

(1) The self doubt - that feeling of not being good enough, especially compared to the greats - a feeling so strong that you don't feel worthy (to the extent that you think maybe you should just give up and leave it to those who do it really well). These are insecurities that must be overcome.

(2) The tendency to procrastinate because writing is so hard (yes I do appreciate this).

(3) The importance of reading (in moderation). Adam has a tendency to spend too much time reading and hardly any time writing because it is SO HARD. Instead he spends his time searching for the next Shakespeare in a virtual world. (Hmm, now who does that remind me of?)

So what I've been thinking is this: My New Year's resolution is to read fewer books, write fewer reviews and finish my novel that has been a work-in-progress for way too long.

My review of The Plagiarist is available here