Sunday, 26 May 2013

What's new? (On reading)

These days I seem to spend more of my (free) time reading and peer-reviewing than writing. (Yes I do have the audacity.)  I'm not procrastinating - okay, maybe I am a little. [see What's new? (On Writing).]

My blog Sooz Book Reviews is growing in popularity and I am thrilled about that.  I treat the books I review like onions; peeling away not only at the surface but every layer, determined to get to the core (or at least my understanding of it). I can't say how successful I am but I have had wonderful feedback from so many of the indie authors whose books I have reviewed.  Their books have been a joy to read.  Below are the top 5 most viewed (indie books).

  1. Nandana's Mark
  2. Undreamed
  3. The Moon Dwellers
  4. Fire Country
  5. Halfskin

I shall continue to showcase great self-published books intermittently on my (unsolicited*) review blog. 

 * See my review policy.

Small print: Authors who want to reciprocate (and get their own back) are welcome to contact me to peer-review one of my books.  Just e-mail me at That said, as hard as it is to believe, i do appreciate that young-adult contemporary romance is not everyone's cup of tea, so this is not something I would want to inflict impose on anyone.

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