Sunday, 26 May 2013

What's new? (On reading)

These days I seem to spend more of my (free) time reading and peer-reviewing than writing. (Yes I do have the audacity.)  I'm not procrastinating - okay, maybe I am a little. [see What's new? (On Writing).]

My blog Sooz Book Reviews is growing in popularity and I am thrilled about that.  I treat the books I review like onions; peeling away not only at the surface but every layer, determined to get to the core (or at least my understanding of it). I can't say how successful I am but I have had wonderful feedback from so many of the indie authors whose books I have reviewed.  Their books have been a joy to read.  Below are the top 5 most viewed (indie books).

  1. Nandana's Mark
  2. Undreamed
  3. The Moon Dwellers
  4. Fire Country
  5. Halfskin

I shall continue to showcase great self-published books intermittently on my (unsolicited*) review blog. 

 * See my review policy.

Small print: Authors who want to reciprocate (and get their own back) are welcome to contact me to peer-review one of my books.  Just e-mail me at That said, as hard as it is to believe, i do appreciate that young-adult contemporary romance is not everyone's cup of tea, so this is not something I would want to inflict impose on anyone.

What's new? (On writing)

I am (supposed to be) writing the 3rd instalment of my Aintree Tales series, but I am struggling with this one. The central plot evades me. Very annoying.

At the same time, I am playing around (in my head) with another novel and the central plot for that one is as clear as day. This one would be an adult novel, i.e., the protagonists are over 21 (as opposed to "Fifty Shades" adult).

I am tempted to shelve Aintree Book 3 but I don't want to. There's some good stuff there already. I just need to get my creative juices flowing.