Friday, 8 February 2013

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Two versions of the same song

Tales from Aintree Court, Book2 


The idea that teenage boy meets teenage girl, they only have eyes for each other and they live happily ever after is certainly romantic. But how realistic is it? Two versions of the same song is a story about the messy and complicated predicament of being attracted to someone while being in a relationship with someone else, and examines the emotions that result (frustration, jealousy, passion and the temptation to cross the line.). The main characters attempt to do the right thing but how can you defy inevitability? Something is bound to change things. In this case it's a song.

Excerpt: Chap 5, Serena

Then he started to play again, and this time I recognised the intro of the song - that beautiful beginning of the cover version that had grabbed my attention the first time I had heard it. I was blown away - especially since he did not seem to be following the music sheet. As he moved further into the song, my mouth gaped and he laughed again.
“Wow, that’s amazing” I said.
Only then did it hit home that Paul was a musician in a band, while I was just some girl who sang in the shower and occasionally in my friend’s living room.
“Now your turn" he said.


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Two Versions of the Same Song by Susan  Francis

Two Versions of the Same Song

by Susan Francis

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