Sunday, 27 January 2013

Books Books Books!

I can't wait to read in 2013

There are a stack of books that I am so excited about; a real eclectic mix - from Biographies to YA Fantasies, not to mention Booker Prize winners!  Here is my top 10 list.

Black Count, The by Tom Reiss

A fascinating biography about the real Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas' father. I predict it is going to become a favourite.

Count of Monte Cristo, The by Alexandre Dumas

I haven't read this classic, yet - I've only seen the movie. In view of the above it will be a must read.

Diving Belles by Lucy Wood

This is a book of short stories based on Cornish folk tales.  I recently had the opportunity to hear one of them on a podcast - Notes from the house spirits - and I loved it so much I listened twice. I had to add the book to my 2013 reading list. 

Fading Amber by Jamie Reed

I loved Living Violet and enjoyed Burning Emerald, which ended on quite a cliff-hanger, so can't wait to read this one.

LivEternal by Paige Bleu

Due out this year, this is book 2 of the fantasy series, The Ameryn Chronicles.  It follows on from book 1, Finding Summerland. I'm a big fan of the male protagonist, Wesley.  He is such a great character. 

Reached by Ally Condie

I really enjoyed the first two books in the Matched series, so I'm looking forward to this last installment.

Splintered by AG Howard

This novel was first brought to my attention by Melissa Marr who praised it in her review on Goodreads.  Also, I got it in hardback for Christmas (Yay!).  The cover is very impressive indeed.  I think this one is going to be Alice-in-Wonderland-ish.

Transcend by Christine Fonsenca

This story is based on the Phantom of the Opera.  It comes highly recommended so I want to check it out.

Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Historical fiction and both Booker Prize winners, they must be good, right?  I was going to wait for the last in the trilogy so I could read them back-to-back, but I can't wait that long!

Wool by Hugh Howey

This one is tipped to be the next BIG ONE in terms of popularity and sales. The author started as a self-publisher and landed a book deal on the strength of this book. I'm planning to read it before it goes viral. I am quite into dystopian novels at the moment and I have high hopes this one is going to be great.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Well Hello There!


Welcome to my blog!  

I’m Susan Francis, independent author and avid reader of books.  

Like many, for me writing came out of a love of reading.  I also wanted a way to be creative and, since I have always been more comfortable expressing myself through the written word, it seemed like the best way forward for me.  I started my first novel, Butterfly porcupine, in 2009 and what I discovered was a sheer love of the writing process and the joy that comes from actually completing a novel.  Butterfly porcupine was published in 2011 and is the first of a coming-of-age contemporary series called Tales from Aintree Court.

This blog is a platform (my spot) to provide info about my books and share my musings about writing and books in general.

Feel free to take a look around.
Thanks for stopping by.